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Working Group on Information Systems and Services

WGISS (the Working Group on Information Systems and Services) is a subsidiary body supporting CEOS. WGISS promotes collaboration in the development of systems and services that manage and supply these observation data. WGISS creates and demonstrates prototypes supporting CEOS and Group on Earth Observation (GEO) requirements. WGISS also addresses the internal management of EO data, the creation of information systems and the delivery of interoperable services.The activities and expertise of WGISS span the full range of the information life cycle from the requirements and metadata definition for the initial ingestion of satellite data into archives through to the incorporation of derived information into end-user applications.

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The 54th WGISS meeting will be held October October 4-7 in Tokyo, Japan.  The meeting will be hosted by JAXA.

The 53rd WGISS meeting was held virtually March 22-24, 2022. Meeting documents, registration.


Jupyter Notebooks for Capacity Development Webinar


The CEOS Capacity Development and Data democracy Working Group and the Working group on Information Systems and Services will be running a joint webinar on Jupyter notebooks for Capacity Development. The aim of this webinar is to introduce space agencies and environmental organisations worldwide to Jupyter Notebooks and take a tour of emerging services from CEOS agencies and their applications. We intend to illustrate how they can be used to support capacity development and the exploitation of Earth Observation data by a broad range of users. There will be two sessions via zoom to allow for global attendance.

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The agenda can be found here.

WGISS Terms of Reference

Working Group on Information Systems and Services Demonstration:

This video demonstrates the search and access of Earth science satellite data across multiple CEOS Agencies that make use of a common set of interoperability standards to study an environment issue – the Borneo deforestation.