CEOS Development Environment

Data & Tools

Earth Observation (EO) Handbook & Database

The EO Handbook presents satellite EO capabilities and applications.

The Online Database details present and future satellites, instruments, and measurement capabilities.

International Directory Network (IDN)

The CEOS IDN is an international effort developed to assist researchers in locating information on available Earth science datasets and services.

CEOS Visualization Environment (COVE)

COVE is a browser-based suite of tools for searching, analyzing and visualizing actual and potential satellite sensor coverage.

Data Policy Portal

The CEOS Data Policy Portal captures the data access policies of all CEOS satellites and instruments in an effort to promote improved data access and data sharing principles.

Essential Climate Variable (ECV) Inventory

An inventory of CEOS Agency climate-monitoring datasets that address the ECVs associated with climate variation and change as well as the impact of climate change on Earth.

Other Tools and Data Services

Calibration/Validation (Cal/Val) PortalThe CEOS Cal/ValPortal provides support to worldwide activities on calibration and validation and specifically ensures the standardisation of sensor inter-calibration. The overall goal is to increase the measurement accuracy of all the sensors supported by this system and increase the inter-operability between Earth observation platforms.Launch
CARD4L ProductsCEOS Analysis Ready Data for Land (CARD4L) products are optical and radar data that have been processed and organized to minimum specifications allowing immediate analysis without additional user effort. CARD4L products are suitable for a wide range of users and support time series analyses and data interoperability.Launch
Climate Diagnostics DirectoryThe Climate Diagnostics Directory enables full-text and topic-based searches for data records pertaining to Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) and Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs).Launch
CEOS Water PortalThe CEOS Water Portal provides assistance to water-relevant scientists and non-researchers alike in the development of water data services associated with data integration and distribution.Launch
CEOS Future Data Architectures InventoryThe Future Data Architectures (FDA) Inventory tracks Earth observation (EO) data providers and provides information such as services provided, EO ecosystem layers, and data usage and license details,Launch
CEOS Open Source Software InventoryThe CEOS Open Source Software Inventory tracks software projects relating to CEOS' mission of facilitating the use and exchange of Earth observation data. It contains a number of software packages that relate to the acquisition, processing, analysis, exchange, etc. of Earth observation data. Most of the projects are open-source and available for use by the scientific community.Launch