CEOS Development Environment

Connected Data Assets

This page contains details about the CEOS Agencies’ data collections that are connected via the supported WGISS standards – OGC CSW 2.0.2 and CEOS OpenSearch Best Practices – which allow independent clients to search and access their unrestricted data.

Each system link listed below will provide information about which collections and how many granules the system connects to. These metrics will be updated regularly, as often as monthly.

A Data Collection consists of the data records of one mission, sensor, and product type and the associated knowledge; an ensemble of some products/granules having a common focus or theme or purpose. A Data Collection is generally located at a single Data Partner.  The operational status of CEOS Data Partners is provided here.

A data Granule is the smallest aggregation of data which is independently managed (ie described, inventoried). A data collection can consist of many granules.

IDN metrics

IDN (International Directory Network) contains high level descriptions of data collections. CEOS Agencies are encouraged to register their data collections at the IDN. The IDN metrics contains information about how many collections are registered in the IDN.

NASA/CWIC metrics

CWIC (CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog) provided a translation gateway from the WGISS-supported search standards, OGC CSW and CEOS OpenSearch Best Practices, to the inventory systems of the CWIC Data Partners that describe collections of data granules. This service is now provided by the NASA CMR system. The NASA/CWIC holdings summary page at contains information about the CEOS Agencies’ data collections including CWIC.

FedEO metrics

FedEO (Federated Earth Observation Gateway) provides brokered collection discovery, granule discovery, access, and ordering capabilities to mainly European & Canadian EO missions data based on HMA (Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility) and OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standard interfaces. It implements the OGC OpenSearch and CEOS OpenSearch Best Practices (and other) interfaces for an increasing number of discoverable and accessible EO data collections and for interfacing with CEOS and other international Community Catalogues and Clients. The FedEO metrics page contains downloadable information about the data collections and the number of granules per collection that are accessible via FedEO and FedEO maintains a live asset status page at