CEOS Development Environment

CEOS Analysis Ready Data

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Many satellite data users lack the expertise, infrastructure, and internet bandwidth to efficiently and effectively access, preprocess, and use the growing volume of space-based data for local, regional, and national decision-making. Furthermore, even sophisticated users of satellite Earth observation data typically invest a large proportion of their effort into data preparation. This is a major […]

The New Global Stocktake Data Portal

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Systematic observations of the Earth’s atmosphere and surface from ground-based, airborne, and space-based sensors are absolutely crucial for the characterization of Earth’s climate. They are what make the work of the UNFCCC, the IPCC and the Paris Agreement possible, and more than half of the 60 or so Essential Climate Variables – the physical, chemical, […]

Jupyter Notebooks for Capacity Development Webinar

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The CEOS Working Group on Capacity Building and Data Democracy and the Working Group on Information Systems and Services ran a joint webinar on Jupyter Notebooks for Capacity Development. The aim of this webinar was to introduce space agencies and environmental organisations worldwide to Jupyter Notebooks and take a tour of emerging services from CEOS Agencies and their applications. […]